Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk

January 17, 2011

Musical predictions for 2011 that won’t come true: 1950’s pedal steel guitar will make a massive comeback.

This is what Airstrip One would look & sound like if we were around in the 50’s.

For those who are interested, Johnny Farina continues to update the official Santo & Johnny website.

via the wonderful @aidanjohnmoffat


Beach House – Master of None

October 29, 2008

This band rules! Devotion is proving to be a pretty strong contender for Album of the Year 2008.

Monade – Regarde

April 22, 2008

Not content with being in one great band, Letitia Sadier now fronts two. Monade’s third album Monstre Cosmic is as wonderful as anything she has done previously. Beguiling melodies, exotic rhythms, complex harmonies – it’s all there. Easily one of the best realeases of 2008 so far.