Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk

January 17, 2011

Musical predictions for 2011 that won’t come true: 1950’s pedal steel guitar will make a massive comeback.

This is what Airstrip One would look & sound like if we were around in the 50’s.

For those who are interested, Johnny Farina continues to update the official Santo & Johnny website.

via the wonderful @aidanjohnmoffat


The Monkey or the Organ Grinder?

January 14, 2011

To follow on from James’ last post about the SMA/Aphex Twin mash up, I’ve been noticing some pretty cool bands allowing their music onto ads recently…a few examples below.

Halfset/Bord Gáis
One of the best Irish bands of recent years help Irish Gas Board flog some more accounts.

Masters of catchy synth rock appear one of the most recent o2 mobile adverts

Of course, this isn’t the first time o2 have had brilliant music on one of their ads (UK fans may not be able to see this…)

LCD Soundsystem/Sony Kinnect
James Murphy, hot on the heels of coming up with a track developed with Nike for the purposes of exercise now hawks XBox 360 add on. I like the way this contraption, intended to make you exercise, in fact allows you to turn your XBox on without even expending the energy of lifting the remote control…

Air, who (I think) once claimed they would not allow their music to be used for advertising, backtrack and team up with Bud. Having seen Air up close and personal prior to one of their gigs (Brogans, Dame St, Dublin, since you ask), I can tell you they actually drink red wine.

Finally, Beach House/Guinness
One of my fave bands, one of my fave drinks. Great ad too

Come to Daddy

January 12, 2011

In a previous post I’ve mentioned my fondness for a number of Aphex Twin covers. So you can imagine how intruiged I was when I heard something familiar on an ad for SMA Progress Milk.

Yes, it was indeed a nice acoustic reworking of one of my favorite tracks from Richard D. James: To Cure A Weakling Child (Girl/Boy Song) by Adem.

Clearly a great way to target Aphex Twin fans who are parents, coupled with a delicious in-joke in the song title for good measure.

I’m looking forward to hearing an acoustic version of ‘Windowlicker’ on the next Mr Muscle advert.