Coldplay-giarism part II

Waaay back in June we posted the claim from the Creaky Boards that Coldplay had ripped off their tune for ‘Viva La Vida’. Now, guitar hero, Joe Satriani’s getting in on the act. He claims he wrote the tune.

This time round the song’s  in the same key, and practically indistinguishable when they’re played together.

Hear for yourselves:

I’m still leaning towards coincidence on this one, but I’d say there’ll be some settlement somewhere along the line. I’d say Joe Satriani has a better legal team than the Creaky Boards. Here’s their version again:


One Response to Coldplay-giarism part II

  1. No doubt Coldplagiarism happened here. Coldplay’s arrogance will bite them in the ass. Get the shirt!!

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