Duelling Pianos:Neil Hannon vs Duke Special

December 19, 2008

Of all the gigs in Dublin I missed this year, I regret missing this the most. It sounds like it was totally mad – and it was for a good cause too!

First of all, the promos were rife with chicanery:


Then there was a lightsabre duel:

And Dave Couse, from A House, turned up to do a version of Endless Art:


Free Adrian Crowley Album

December 17, 2008

Adrian Crowley’s 2007 Long-Distance Swimmer album is available from Tin Angel Records as a Free Download from 11th-18th December. This little beauty made the 2007 Choice Music Prize shortlist. Go get it here



(via the chancer)

Coldplagiarisim part III

December 12, 2008

Sorry to keep harping on about this. Here’s a quote from a 2005 Rolling Stone interview with Chris Martin:

“We’re definitely good, but I don’t think you can say we’re that original,” he notes. “I regard us as being incredibly good plagiarists.”

(via Plagiarism Today)

Coldplay-giarism part II

December 10, 2008

Waaay back in June we posted the claim from the Creaky Boards that Coldplay had ripped off their tune for ‘Viva La Vida’. Now, guitar hero, Joe Satriani’s getting in on the act. He claims he wrote the tune.

This time round the song’s  in the same key, and practically indistinguishable when they’re played together.

Hear for yourselves:

I’m still leaning towards coincidence on this one, but I’d say there’ll be some settlement somewhere along the line. I’d say Joe Satriani has a better legal team than the Creaky Boards. Here’s their version again:

The Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You

December 10, 2008

I’m a huge fan of The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs. I’ve been listening to it for years and it still manages to surprise me. But like a fool I thought that there’s so much here to enjoy there’s really no need to buy any of their other records. How wrong I was. I picked up i this week and man, it’s got all the charm, wit and sopistication of 69 Love Songs and then some. Stephin Merritt = Total Songwriting Genius.

I Don’t Believe You

Larry King gets the Beatles’ names wrong

December 7, 2008

Sir Paul is not amused. (For a brief second it’s like one of the interviews out of A Hard Day’s Night)