David O’Doherty nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Award

August 21, 2008

David O’Doherty has been nominated for the 2008 if.comedy Awards at the Edinburgh festival. He’s my favourite stand-up in the world by miles and I really hope he wins.  Here’s some classic whimsy from the DOD


Isaac Hayes: If lovin’ your music is wrong (then I don’t want to be right).

August 11, 2008

Last night I heard about the passing of soul legend Isaac Hayes. He was easily my favourite  Stax recording artist.  A supremely gifted musician, he won no less than 7 music sholarships at high school, and went on to form part of a songwriting team that made Stax on of the great soul labels of all time. Nothing made a mixtape stand out like a few well placed Isaac Hayes tracks. Portishead’s astute sampling of ‘Ike’s Rap 2′ was largely responsible for their success. There was so much more to this guy than Chef and the Theme from Shaft. 

Here’s some of my faves, I can’t find the cover of The Beatles’ ‘Something’ anywhere, but you should check that out too . [Update: here it is – now this is how you do a cover http://www.last.fm/music/Isaac+Hayes/_/Something]

Walk on By

Ike’s Rap 2

Brand New Me


August 6, 2008

I’ve had Vampire Weekend’s eponymous debut on heavy rotation for the last three weeks and I’m still  not tired of it. This record has to be a serious front-runner for Album of the Year 2008, and possibly the decade.

Here’s ‘Mansard Roof’ and ‘Walcott’ to whet your appetite.

Happy Birthday to Us

August 5, 2008

This blog is one year old today! 83 posts in 365 shows that we’re almost as lazy when it comes to blogging as we are when it comes to writing music.

Here’s the Ramones