Various Petitions

I like the idea of being able to petition the government to do something, but opening up e-petitions to the general public on the Prime Minister’s website is just asking for trouble. I wonder if anyone with any sort of power actually reads these? Judging by the nonsense that’s on there, I doubt anyone with any power ever has, or ever will, take these seriously. If you know of a Government that has done something because of an Online Petition I’d love to hear about it, but I doubt they’re worth the paper they’re not printed on. God bless the folks who get creative:  some of my faves include.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to…

·         Land a cow on the moon

·         Lobby Cadbury to create a giant ‘Creme Egg’

·         Reclassify whales as fish

·         Make Jack Bauer head of security for britain.

·         Persuade Graham Coxon to rejoin Blur

This picture is entirely unrelated, but funny nonetheless



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