Every dog has its day

Someone once said to me that every band has one redeeming track in them, no matter how cheesy, boring or obvious they are.

Here’s Status Quo, sans bluesy, power chord driven stadium rock, proving that very point.


4 Responses to Every dog has its day

  1. kevmoore says:

    Are you insane? THIS is meant to be their best moment? Whilst Quo (wrongly) were pilloried for supposingly only using 3 chords, they ceratinly had better stuff than this, for example, Softer Ride, A Year, and Blue for you

  2. ‘Lo there Kev,

    I just can’t veer from my original thoughts on this one although bearing in mind recent posts on here have involved metronomes and helicopters, maybe our judgement on music here at ASO ahouldn’t be used as an all knowing barometer of musical tastes…

    …having said that, I’m not familiar with those tracks you mentioned so I’ll be sure to check them out before slandering the Quo again.

    Festive greetings,


  3. kevmoore says:

    And to you, Ian. I recently read the Quo Biog, XS all areas, and its a good read. They freely admit they hated the years when they became “an institution” with The Anniversary Waltz, Rockin over the Years, etc, but concede their manager resurrected their career financially. They were desperate to do new stuff, and were sick of having to roll out covers and back catalogue. My personal best era for Quo was Dog of Two Head up to and Including the Blue For You album. They lost me with the Rockin all over the World album (which Rossi mentions in the book, wondering why die hard Quo fans hated it) Well, Francis, it sounded weak, and countrified, thats why! Their Golden age had ended, but they’d had a 6 album run based on the 12 bar boogie, which is harder than it looks!

  4. It sure is. Although, if you listen to some of Super Furry Animals biggest hits there is something similar in the background. The first time I heard the single of Rings Around The World I got a similar sort of 12 bar boogie vibe. On the other hand, I do like SFA tremendously.


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