Steve Martin – The Great Flydini

There was a time when I thought Steve Martin was the funniest man alive. He made loads of good movies and did really funny standup. The Jerk, L.A. Story, Three Amigos and Parenthood show what a tremendous range the guy had and all stand up fairly well today. Then he made Sgt. Bilko and disappeared for a while. A few lacklustre paydays and hacnkeyed remakes  later it seems to have all gone wrong for Steve. When you watch his earlier stuff you can’t help but think how great he could have been if he’d made some better decisions along the way. The Great Flydidni still cracks me up (even though I know it was performed by someone who would go on to write and direct Shopgirl).


One Response to Steve Martin – The Great Flydini

  1. Even if you’re willing to grant that Shopgirl has some redeeming characteristics, surely no Steve Martin fan would go so far as to defend his remake of the Pink Panther. Roumer has it that he’s currently filming the imaginatively titled sequal, The Pink Panther 2….(shudder). The things people do to pay for a Roy Lichtenstein.

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