A Load of Penguin Shite

Planet Earth is a funny place. Millions of people live on less than a dollar a day, fighting hunger, poverty and famine. Others get grants to go and study the velocity of penguin pooh. Believe it or not this is a genuine article, containing one of my all-time favourite diagrams.



There’s a lot of funny stuff in this paper but my favourite line has to be:

Whether the bird deliberately chooses the direction into which it decides to expel its faeces or whether this depends on the direction from which the wind blows at the time of evacuation are questions that need to be addressed on another expedition to Antarctica.

Antarctica here we come!


One Response to A Load of Penguin Shite

  1. […] Here is the impressive result of one such intellectual expedition, a paper on the “Pressures produced when penguins pooh”. Its full of choice quotes and interesting facts, did you know that penguin shite has a similar viscosity to olive oil? Neither did I.  My favourite line has to be the following; […]

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